I started taking pictures from a very young age, first with a small translucent green and yellow film camera given to me by my grandfather. At first, it was just the satisfying combination of the sound of the shutter and pressing the release button.

Capturing a moment in time in one single image fascinated me.

And it wasn't until high school that I picked up a camera again. After entering a few contests I saved up enough to buy my first DSLR. I carried that camera (duly named Clyde) around with me everywhere those first two years. During college, my love for photography was substituted for a need to study biomedical sciences, in hopes of becoming a physician. But in all those years, I knew something was missing.

After working as a medical scribe, a laboratory technologist and a physical therapy aide, I knew there was more joy to be had with work that didn't include a 9-5. At the very beginning of 2019 I decided to invest everything in that very theory and here we are. My name is Kimberly Socci and I am a photographer.

Throughout grammar school, I picked up a love for the fine arts and practiced still life portraits, charcoal, oil paints and dramatic arts scenery paint. 


Some people are cat ladies - I am a plant lady

fun facts


I love all living creatures, yet I'm allergic to roughly ninety percent of them


I'm a vegetarian, tree hugging hippie born in the wrong decade


My biggest pet peeve is discussing pet peeves


I don't mind a good Netflix show binge but it might take me a while because I can't sit still for more than ten minutes to actually get through it

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